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Groomers Equine

Groomers Equine
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Groomers Equine

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The range has something for everyone. Whether you simply need a slicka brush for your poodle, a hydraulic bath for your salon, a grooming table or trolley for dog shows or some Evening Primrose Oil dog shampoo for a dog with sensitive skin, its worth giving Groomers a try.

Dog Grooming Tables
Dog Grooming Tables are very popular and one of Groomers best selling ranges and they fall into three main categories. Electric Grooming Tables for the busy salon, where it is important to be able to move dogs up and down easily, without any lifting. Hydraulic Grooming Tables, again for people that need to be able to alter the height easily, but a more cost effective option. Portable Grooming Tables are ideal for mobile dog groomers, dog show exhibitors and private owners. There are assorted accessories available for the tables including Holding Frames (H-Bar), Grooming Arms, Nooses and the Lazy Susan, specifically for small dogs.

Dog Clippers
Groomers offers a wide selection of dog clippers and trimmers to suit your individual needs. its a minefield of choice with fixed and variable length clipper blades, fixed and variable speed clippers, mains cable or rechargeable battery operated and different shapes, sizes and weights. When choosing a set of clippers it is important to know what particular features you require and whether it is for heavy duty clipping, occasional use, face and feet trimming or light trimming at home. Choose from Andis, Oster, Wahl, Moser and Aesculap.

Dog Shampoo
Cleanliness and proper grooming can be very important to the continued good health of our beloved pets. Groomers Shampoos and Conditioners are all manufactured in-house and are made from the finest, naturally derived ingredients. Each shampoo and conditioner has a wonderful scent and is formulated for specific skin conditions and coat types. This means that dogs and cats can be bathed and groomed regularly, without the fear of natural oils being stripped from the coat. Many of Groomers Dog Shampoos contain Evening Primrose Oil which is very useful in the treatment of skin conditions.

Horse Rugs
Whatever the time of year, your horse is likely to need a rug of some type. Whether its a summer sheet to protect him from the sun and flies, a sweat rug to help cool him down after exercise or stable rugs and turnout rugs for winter warmth. Groomers has a good range of horse rugs and neck covers in a variety of weights, so whatever you are looking for give Groomers a try.

Horse Riding Equipment
Whatever type of Horse Riding you are involved in you are always going to need an array of riding equipment. From eventing, showing, racing, polo, long distance riding, pony club and riding club events to riding lessons and holidays you are going to need lots of stuff! Groomers can help with most things, from riding clothes such as jodhpurs, jackets, boots and chaps through to horse clothing, whips, brushes, brooms and stable yard equipment.

Equestrian Clearance
As stock changes so quickly Groomers always has Equestrian Clearance items on sale, so there is a good opportunity to grab a bargain. Clearance items can vary from riding jackets to horse rugs and bandages with discounts of up to 50% off.

Equestrian Supplies
Whether you are looking for a hoof pick or a pair of horse clippers, Groomers has an ever expanding range of equestrian supplies to complement the specialist shampoos and turnout products.

Equestrian Clothing
Groomers can help with all types of equestrian clothing, whether you need a new pair of breeches, riding boots or chaps, or perhaps a florescent tabard for added safety. With the changeable weather in mind we also offer a good selection of shirts, riding jackets and waistcoats, all carefully chosen for quality and durability.

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