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Mohair Sock Company

Mohair Sock Company
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Mohair Sock Company

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Mohair - the long, silky fibre produced by Angora goats. Its renowned softness, warmth and luxuriously rich lustre, along with great strength and durability, combine to make it a true essential luxury when made into socks. The hollow mohair fibre allows your feet to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Seriously comfortable, naturally antibacterial, they are hard wearing and machine washable at 40C.

Suitable for ladies, gentlemen and children of around 6 and upwards, something for everyone with walking, fishing, shooting and skiing socks, riding socks, fashion and bed socks, everyday, cushion soled socks and business socks. Ladies socks and comfort top socks in particular are extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from diabetes, poor blood circulation, chilblains, varicose veins or eczema.

Mohair socks are a product that every self respecting pair of feet need and as many of our happy customers have said: "Once you have worn Mohair socks, you will never be without them again".

Complementing our socks we have a small range of cashmere accessories, all of which are made in Scotland from the highest quality fibre; including hats, gloves, scarves and cashmere hot water bottle and sock sets.

Other quality products to be found at the Mohair Sock Company include our handcrafted Sculpture Belts and Mohair Throws. New products will be added very soon.

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