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Bath and Beyond

Bath and Beyond
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Bath and Beyond

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ed by Britain’s only natural hot springs – the Celts worshipped at them, the Romans bathed in them, the Georgians erected magnificent buildings around them, and the Victorians sought a ‘cure’ in them. Today visitors can walk where the Romans walked at the Roman Baths and bathe in the natural thermal waters at Thermae Bath Spa, a stunning 21st century spa complex. 

Set in rolling Somerset countryside, just over 100 miles west of London, it is a beautiful and unforgettable place to visit. Come and explore this compact city on foot and enjoy its independent shops, diverse range of restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs and nightclubs, along with interesting museums, and a wide range of guided tours. 

Accommodation ranges from smart, comfortable self-catering homes, through elegant bed and breakfast and guesthouses, hospitable farms and inns, to top-of-the-range hotels. Surrounding countryside offers stunning stately homes and gardens, unique gems such as Stonehenge, the Cotswolds and neighbouring Bristol, with its maritime history.

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